Tuesday, February 1, 2011


This is a method that can easily earn you 2 dollars a day

to do this you will need several things

you will need an adf account so if you dont have one register here for adf http://adf.ly/NPCV
you will also need a linkbucks account register here http://www.linkbucks.com/referral/351876

Then download these files these are important !!


http://adf.ly/PGcu ( you dont need this file if you already live in the us but you will need this if you live in the us and dont have a router but it's better to have it than switching your router on and off again and again ill explain later)

now after you have all of the things from above you need to create links follow these steps:
1.log on to adf.ly and shrink a random link like google.com
2.copy that shrinked link
3.log on to your linkbucks account and click create links
4.paste the copied shrinked link we got from adf there in the link to convert box
5. make sure the content is clean by choosing clean in landing page content and also ad type has to be intermission, leave the alias as it is.
6.press generate link
7.no click manage links and copy the link you just created.
8. go on your adf account and then edit the link you shrinked before and paste the copied link in the website tab.
9.after you have edited the link copy it from adf.ly.

After all of the above steps this is were it all counts
1. log out from both the accounts (MAKE SURE YOU DO !!)
2. launch hotspot shield (you dont need to do this if you live in the us and have a router but again as i mentioned above its better to have it)
3.once you have connected through hotspot shield paste the link we copied, into the address bar and press enter.
4.check it out you have double linked and are gaining double profit.
so now if you dont want to keep clicking use the auto clicker we downloaded earlier. you can do it by selecting click were the mouse pointer is and place the mouse pointer on the skip ad area so just clicks for you !!

P.S: If you dont wanna download hotspot then you have to switch your router off and then on to change your ip so they dont catch and suspend your account.!!!
Also the limit of clicks on one ip is 20 so you have to reset your ip after every 20 clicks. to reset ip just disconnect from hotspot and reconnect again and if u dont have hotspot switch off your outer and switch it on again after reseted ip start clickin again !!

thankyou for viewing also refer under my id using the links in the above  if you wanna thank me.:oui:
Enjoy (Y)